Cory's Motorcycle

Sales and Salvage

777 Campbell St.

Sarnia Ontario 



About us


Welcome to Corys Motorcycle Sales and Salvage!


 We are a motorcycle dealer operating in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.


We offer a huge selection  of pre-owned  motorcycles. Our collection 

 of used and new parts is matched by no one. If you need it we probably 

 have it in stock.


We specialize in newer model Japanese bikes, and have recently added Harleys.


We have in stock a wide selection of tires, oils, filters, helmets, 

 gloves, jackets and accessories.


We are committed to providing you with the highest quality products 

 and services at an affordable price. Come to us and we will help you 

 find your next motorcycle.

We are located in Ontario Canada and offer world wide shipping.

If you need we most likely have it.

Call Cory at 519-402-bike